Sunday, 23 January 2011

How to create a powerful vision

- Create a compelling vision that PULLS. For example, if you have decided to work out regurarly you have plenty of options when it comes to creating a vision. One vision could be all about your discipline, hard work and really pushing yourself. Another one could be all about the way you are going to look when the hard work starts to pay off and the attention you will attract from beautiful girls when your health is great. In reality there is nothing wrong with either of them, however you want to create a vision that pulls. What is most compelling for you? Working hard or looking extremely good and getting validation? If it is most compelling for you to get validation and look good, make it your vision. Ignore your own little inner moralist/self development voice that tries to ignore the need for approval. But DO NOT mistake this with the fact that you are doing it purely for yourself. The vision is just what pulls you forward. Reasons comes first. Answers comes second.

- Find enough reasons to support the vision when the going gets tough. I advice you to try to look beneth the surface on this one and focus on actions instead of outcomes/approval. If you work out regurarly for two years how will this effect other areas of your life? Are you going to become motivated to take action in other aspects of your life? Is the energy boost from working out going to create more oppertunities for you to do what you really want? Take a few minutes and really contemplate here.

- Create a VisionBoard. I would actually start with writing your vison down. The key is to be clear with what you want. Do not write “I want money”. Write how much money you want, how you are going to get it and so on. Be specific. When you have done that and covered all aspects of your vision create a VisionBoard. Add pictures that supports your vision. Do not just add some random pictures and then close the document. Take your time and look at them. Get aroused by the beatiful girls. Start to imagine things, visualize what you want to do. How do you want your life to be? Imagine if you would wake up one day without the feeling of neediness. Put on some chill music. Live in your own world. Do this for thirty minutes or more each day. After a while you feel aroused/relaxed/happy by just thinking about opening your document.

- Review it and FEEL it everyday. You can change your vision how much you like. Do not try to control what you desire, simply adjust your vision and move in a little bit of another direction. The difficult part here is to have a crystal clear vision that is beautiful yet you do not feel any resistance about changing it. Takes some time. If you want to take it a level further you can do what Steve Pavlina does. Which is to reinforce your vision by simply imagining the life you want whenever you have time to. Driving your car to work? Put on some music, think of your vision and start to spin your imagination. Going to bed? Sit down first for fifteen minutes and do the same thing.

- At this point reticular activation system (A part of the brain that filters and focuses on what is important.) starts to do its work. Notice as when you walk down the street your brain is more focused on finding more things that reinforces your vision. Oppertunities will start to show up. KEY - Use your courage here. Do not just wait for things to happen, make them happen. You are going to find a way or make a way.

- Raise your standards. This is not the same thing as raising your success barrier. It is simply to transform your “wants” into “musts”. You no longer want to work out four times a week. You must. The strongest force in the whole human personality is the need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves.

- Back up the standards with what is real – rituals. Things you do consistently to get momentum. This is very important. Human beings are creatures of habits. Create the habits that moves you closer to your core and a value offering mindset.

- The standards and beliefs we live with are often set a long time ago. We condition ourselves, ”it is the way I am” and we make it a part of our identity. Take a look at any place you got a limitation and ask when did I accept that limiting belief? You might not percieve it as a limitaion, just as I am. Start to question it. Remember that beautiful inner world of yours, that is actually more real than your limitation. Move towards it. Ask yourself everyday. Am I moving closer to manifasting my great inner world?

- Lastly view all this work as expanding your identity, not changing it. You do not need to change, you need to evolve.

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