Friday, 31 December 2010

What is it that you want? Ask and you shall receive.

If you read this article seriously and apply what I am going to lay out here, you will get what you want faster than if you would not do it. That is a fact. As with everything, the first step is to understand why it works. Firstly I want to emphasize the fact that reality is subjective, and the way you perceive things is entirely up to yourself even though reality is not what you think it is. Understanding this as a guy in this world, is a key in the process to become who you want to become.

However, I fully believe that if you want to create a rich and deep life or whatever, you should keep in mind that the reality in your head has to be as close as possible to the actual reality. The beautiful thing about that though, and I smile when I think of this, is that there is no separation between the two. You dictate your own reality. You are a god. If you do not understand that yet do not be hard on yourself.

Anyway, the fact that reality is ultimately subjective and how you perceive things dictates the actual reality you unfold every moment (self fulfilling-prophecy) is fucking powerful and you can consciously create the life you want. How do you do this? It is not as easy as just wanting to be happy and you shall become happy. No, it is a little bit more complicated than that. A little bit.

”If it’s not in your life, you didn’t want it fucking badly enough. Period.”

Owen Cook

We get what we ask out of life. We just have to ask specifically, intelligently and with clarity. Owen defines INTENT as the clarity in your thoughts, words and actions. That is it guys. You want to be a god with women? Well, ask for it. With clarity. “I want to make myself a god with women through hard work, intensive experiences and ultimately through coming into my power as a man.” The next step is to make it to different parts. Where are you at right now? If you have not made out with a girl in two years, asking for a threesome is not to ask intelligently. Remember the definition guys. We just have to ask specifically, intelligently and with clarity.

I am going to lay out my personal intentions here and how I fucking get what I want by asking for it and making it happen when it shows up in my subjective reality. Because that is ultimately what happens, when you ask for it, it shows up in your subjective reality. Do not think of your mum. You just did. Do not think negative thoughts because ultimately the universe do not know the difference between positive and negative. To get what shows up in your subjective reality is entirely up to yourself, this post will not make it happen for you, chode.

Some of my intentions for the past few weeks:

I want to make my blog as awesome as possible and I want to make other people like it because of the value it offers. Same thing with my articles on this forum. Furthermore I want to make people give me complements on it. Two weeks after I asked for this, guys started to tell me that I should work with writing articles like this in the future. A dude on this forum told me that this was just what he needed to read and that he loved it. Just what he needed to read, this is not ultimately fulfilling your goal, is it GaryBusey? Well, it is if I believe that it is. Period.

A month back I asked for more girls in my life. The last two weeks, I have had girls call me in the middle of the night. Girls approaching me on the streets and wanting to hook up. Girls giving me phone numbers without me asking for it. Of course I have taken action as well. I have done the EXACT same thing as these girls have done. You wonder why you are not getting approached? Well, start approaching. You attract what you are. If approaching girls is a part of your identity, you will attract girls that have the same type of identity but with guys.

One week ago I wanted to make love to an older girl, I thought. Two days ago I did.

Three weeks ago I started to ask for bisexual girls in my life. Lately I have been meeting bisexual girls, without me even knowing it at first.

For two months I ago I told myself that I want to make myself become unapologetic in my desires as a man and furthermore in my desires to offer value. And to make myself not give a fuck. Last night I choded out two older guys by telling them how retarded their faces looked, in front of ten other guys, who all were their friends. Did something bad happen? What do you think, of course not.

One month ago I wrote an article on surrounding yourself what you want to become. After that I started to make friends with people on Facebook from RSD and a guy with the exact same vision as me found me through my journal. I does not stop. It stops when you want it to stop.

Now, take action. Make a new document on your computer and name it : My intentions. And write down what you want in your life. Ask specifically, intelligently and with clarity. To get even more advanced you can make another document and call it what I receive and write down the things that you get out of life by asking for it. Just as I did.

What are you going to do when you find what you are looking for?

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