Thursday, 16 December 2010

You can not change

You can not change who you are. You can change the way you perceive yourself, but how you perceive yourself is not who you are in the same way as how you perceive someone else is not who they really are. You can change the idea of yourself in the same way you can change the idea of someone else, but ultimately your idea of someone else has nothing to do with who they are.

These are good things by the way, changing your idea of yourself and the way you perceive yourself to something positive and awesome. I am not telling you to “not have an ego” or anything stupid like that. I simply want to emphasize the fact that you will never be able to change who you really are, the observer behind your thoughts, your true nature. Which is not the opposite of your ego by the way.

Having a belief that you can change who you ultimately are is coming from a position of scarcity and neediness and is very much the opposite of 'you are enough', a common phrase in RSD. The book Nine Ball by Jeff Allen emphasizes this in a personal yet profound way.

Furthermore, with that belief you can still accomplish great things however, create an awesome personality for yourself(that you believe is who you are) and so on. But in the end it will only create a feeling of lack. Because it ultimately moves you away from your core and adds more layers instead of the opposite.

However do not let the phrase 'you can not change' disencourage you. Because there are things you can change. Do we, as human beings, have free will? I do not know, I do not care. It is irrelevant.

You can change the things in your life - your habits, your values, the way you look at things and so on. These things, such as habits and values, can move you closer and closer to your core day by day. Which is the same thing as 'you are enough'. Ultimately your actions and values will not suddenly make you realize that “oh... maybe I am enough?” but rather move you closer to that core. (Life has no destination, thanks a lot Hollywood.)

You want to live in alignment with your true nature, just as we do as kids. Emotionally, spiritually, when it comes to your physical and mental health and well being and so on. Consciously creating and responsively maintaining habits and beliefs that makes you live in alignment with what has real value in life is the key, I would say. In doing this, you will eventually (re)understand what 'you are enough' means and ultimately 'you are enough' is not something separate from the actual habits that makes you feel this way.

Social conditioning gets replaced by another form of conditioning. The true strength lies in a return to the origin. A return to nature and natural forms. A return to beastmode.”

You are enough and therefore you are more than enough to others, not the other way around. However everybody has a socially defined ego to an extent so it is close to impossible to always feel enough in the pressence of other people.

Ultimately why would you want to change who you are? I mean deep down there you have always been enough, haven't you?

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